Angola celebrates 37 years of Independence from Portugal.

The Republic of Angola celebrated on November 11th of 2012, 37 years of nationhood since its independence from Portugal. Angolan Ambassador in Israel HE Joao Manuel and his wife Antonia Manuel welcomed guest of honor Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor Shalom Shimon and Minister for Minorities Affairs in the government of the State of Israel to a colorful reception held at the Panorama Hotel in Tel-Aviv. Heads of diplomatic Missions and International Organizations were also among the selected group of invitees.

The Angolan Ambassador explained how important independence and sovereignty is for the young South African country. After 27 years of civil war, Angola attained peace only ten years ago and has, since then, achieved growth by implementing social and economic reconstruction programs, professional training.

Most importantly, Angola has made a great effort in the consolidation of democracy in the country, holding most recently general elections in August of 2012. Furthermore “Angola is currently a politically stable and safe country where Angolans have opportunities to explore the vast natural resources that the country has to offer, creating economic and financial conditions that are going toward carrying the load of the nations colossal development programs” added Mr. Manuel.

Peace, said the Ambassador, is an excellent incentive for business opportunities. Accordingly, private investment legislation endorses the opening of the Angolan Market to businessmen from other countries, protecting their investment and allowing repatriation of the profits.

Regarding relations with Israel, the Mr. Manuel assured that it is in Angola’s to continue strengthening ties and sustain economic cooperation; this made evident by the existing exchange of professionals in training and the recent diplomatic visits. Cooperation is beneficial to both countries; therefore Angola continues to offer its support to strengthen relations with Israel.

At the podium and speaking in Hebrew, Minister of Industry, Trade and Labor Shalom Shimon extended respects to the staff of the Embassy and the people who took part in the celebration on the Angolan Independence Day.

“We are aware of the efforts the Angolan government has made to advance democracy and improve its economy which we witness the fruits” the Minister said. For this reason, the TAMAT office has decided to expand trade as much as possible with Angola, which is an important oil exporter in Africa, Mr. Shimon explained.

Finally, the Israeli Minister assured that Israel values its long relationship with Angola regarding advancement of Agriculture, Communications  and Security matters in the South African country. “I am confident that the relationship between our well known tecnologically advanced companies and your valued companies will open the stage for a mutual and beneficial cooperation.”he added.

* World of Diplomacy in Israel congratulates HE Joao Manuel and members of the Angolan Embassy on this memorable date.

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