Over time there have been articles about me in the press, mostly related to my work. Here is a list of such articles with their respective link if such link is still available. Some of these materials are in Spanish.

  • Consulate of Israel: Published January 11th, 2012

“Also in the program is Mexican journalist and photographer Bilha Calderon Gomez, 28. She wanted to gain a different perspective on the workings of social, economic and political crises to better inform her writing about everyday life in Mexico in a local newspaper column.”
Original link:’s-degree-program-taught-in-English.aspx

  • Poblanerías: Published on August 13th 2013

Bilhá Calderón describe a Puebla y a la Poblanidad _ Poblanerías en línea

original link:

  • University of Haifa MA Alumni: Published February 3rd, 2014
    “This piece was written following an interview with Bilha Calderon, a student in the MA Program in Peace and Conflict Management in the 2011-2012 cohort. Following completion of the program, Bilha moved to Jerusalem where she currently works as a journalist.  This piece highlights the diverse student body we have at the University of Haifa International School, and the great things our students go on to do following their studies.”

    Oriniginal link:

  • Mundo Nuestro: Published on August 8th 2013

Bilhá Calderón_ Imágenes para la tregua en el alma

original link:

Imágenes para la tregua en el alma – Israel en Línea

Reproducido en Israel en Línea

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